Where Do You Stand on Video Résumés?

Would you create and distribute a video résumé or hire someone who sent you one?

Video résumés can be more revealing than a job seeker intends. That hasn’t stopped a few thousand mostly young job candidates from posting them on You Tube or e-mailing them to recruiters and employers. Most of the early video résumés have been criticized by corporations and recruiters who not only dislike the uneven content and quality but concede that they are ill-prepared to work with them.

You can’t screen a video résumé using today’s candidate tracking software.

Worse, hiring managers are concerned that seeing a candidate’s photo or video may bias their judgment and possibly result in more discrimination. 

Still, Alexsey Vayner exceeded his wildest expectations: his infamous “Impossible is Nothing” video résumé has received nearly a half million streams on You Tube. Much more typical is this sub-minute effort by Chrissy Harvey. One impatient wag commented back to her: “Great, tell me how many offers you got so far?”

Where do you stand on video résumés? Is it yet another disruptive technology or a set back for diversity and fair employment practices? If you know of a good video résumé, send us a link.