Let Your Job Make You a Happier Person

For most adults, having a job is necessary to secure the basics for survival such as shelter, food and water, and clothing. More and more, households require two strong incomes to meet these requirements. But keep in mind that a career is more than a means of income generation. It is also a way to have purpose in your life, a chance for social opportunities, a chance to see concrete validation in the form of income and a way to set and reach personal goals.

When you are choosing a career or considering a career change, keep all of these aspects in mind. First, though, learn a few lessons from the successful professionals who waded through this stream before you.

The first lesson in building a career is that you don’t have to find something perfect, despite what Hollywood may say. Just because you wanted to be a firefighter as a child, you don’t need to jump into a life of fighting flames to be happy. However, you can think about why you wanted to be a firefighter and decide whether other options, such as fire investigation or fire insurance, will be more lucrative or fulfilling for you. On the other hand, perhaps you have been sitting in front of a piano since before you were able to read, but your big break never arrived.

You also know you have a talent for analysis and explanation. Jobs are much more plentiful in this field, so you decide to pursue and education in science or business. Because of your love for meaningful sound, you can build your passion into your life while meanwhile contributing as an analyst. Sometimes it’s best not to mix work and love, because no matter what your job is, you will always enjoy time off. It would be a shame to stop appreciating musical expression just because you get paid to do it.

Another important lesson concerns education. When you start a career with higher education credentials in hand, you will make more money and be given more responsibility than your less-educated counterparts. This is true for everything from the culinary arts to yoga instruction. Additional training and experience will make your job even better for your personal growth, even though it may seem expensive and difficult at first blush.

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Ultimately, what you do to meet basic necessities makes up your life – your livelihood. Find something you are naturally talented in and from there, make decisions based on compensation, fulfillment and personal inspiration. That way, you can get much more from a job than a place away from the rain or food on the table. You can find a reason for your very existence, a reason to awake each morning and live all your days to the fullest.