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Find a Job Through Social Networking

Whether you are networking on LinkedIn, Facebook, Viadeo, or other sites, the written and unwritten rules of behavior are much the same. These tips will help you get the most from your social networking activities and keep you in the good graces of other members. Do Create a complete profile on each site. Make yourself…    Continue reading

Eleven Ways to Be a Master Networker

Some of you are natural networkers. You are constantly in contact—taking the time to talk with people both inside and outside of your company, and you don’t even have to think about it. Some of you are not natural networkers, but you have learned the critical elements needed to create and maintain a healthy network….    Continue reading

Maximize Twitter in Just 15 Minutes a Day

You can integrate Twitter into your job search activities and you can do it in 15 minutes a day (after some learning-curve time for setting up your account and reviewing the basics). It’s disturbingly easy to spend hours watching and responding to your Twitter stream—it’s as easy as spending hours applying to positions online, or…    Continue reading

Things Not to do at a Networking Event

If you are a compulsive business card collector, please stop it. Handing out your business card to 50 people you talked to for about 30 seconds each, not only makes you look self-serving and desperate, it also sends off a clear message that you’re most likely going to spam people with your newsletter, resume or…    Continue reading

Is Social Networking a Career Safety Net?

There are endless reasons to build a strong network of professional contacts. But perhaps none is more compelling in 2009 than the goal of establishing a career safety net. In a recession jobs are last to get hit, yet are the slowest part of business spending to recover. This is the time to develop or…    Continue reading

How Newly Unemployed Use LinkedIn

My first article for addresses a topic that aligns two of my main interests: careers and social media. Every unemployed person I interviewed for the piece had a LinkedIn profile prior to their layoff but hadn’t developed it sufficiently. They were making up for lost time quickly. But still, it’s difficult to pull together…    Continue reading

Do Jobs Spread Virally Over Social Networks?

When the scientific study hit the wires establishing that obesity spreads virally across large “social networks,” I figured that science was simply appropriating a popular cyberspace term. After all, if obesity could spread across Facebook, or MySpace, science would have a larger problem on its hands than excessive girth. Are my contacts on Facebook really that susceptible…    Continue reading

I’m an Ex-Employee, Too, Let’s Connect

One of the joys of social networking is reconnecting with people you barely knew 20 years ago but would like to know better now. Like most people in my age bracket, I have held lots of positions. In my case, in publishing, I survived stints at CMP, Ziff-Davis, IDG and McGraw-Hill. I’m occasionally invited to…    Continue reading

How Many Social Networks Are Enough?

When Groucho Marx famously told the Friars that he “didn’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member” he notified them via telegram. If Groucho were on e-mail today he would be spammed by invitations from friends, acquaintances and total strangers to join dozens of social networking sites. I picture…    Continue reading

Would You Use Twitter to Find a Job?

If I belonged to a football team, a fraternity, or an office of 20-somethings, I’d use Twitter to “tweetup” with my friends. It’s not the place to find a job – is it? Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, an Internet entrepreneur based in Amsterdam, recently posted a job listing on Twitter that caught my eye: Wanted:…    Continue reading

What Does Social Networking Do For You?

The hype about social networks is a bit stifling at times. The social pressure to join them is even worse. Old friends, relatives or contacts who are yet to join Facebook or LinkedIn suffer the slings and arrows of social networking mavens who tell them they’re missing out on something cool. Beyond the sheer joy…    Continue reading

Rain Falls on Social Networking Parade

I wander through life empowering experts to deal with chronic problems such as product safety, cancer, poverty and Internet privacy. Like taxes and dry cleaning, I often don’t want to know the nitty gritty of how things get done. Don’t worry, that still leaves me plenty of issues to wring my hands over, like finding…    Continue reading

Crossing the Line to Evangelism

There’s a thin line between mavens and evangelists. We trust mavens to recommend movies, restaurants or even dry cleaners. We fear incurring the wrath of evangelists who contend that it’s a huge mistake (or worse) not to drive a Volkswagen, buy an iPhone or skip reading The Kite Runner. (It’s on my list of things…    Continue reading

Misadventures on Facebook

If my friends hear me utter the word Facebook one more time they are going to excommunicate me from their buddy lists. I’m adding to the noise only because Facebook demands the immediate attention of all 30 million of us members. Today’s poll reads: Which brand is the best toothpaste? Frankly, if I could entice…    Continue reading

What’s New on My Social Network?

I’d like to announce the launch of AfterRusty, a social networking site for my friends, fans, relatives, creditors and associates. You may have heard about corporate alumni networks where ex-employees bitch about their old company. AfterRusty is for people who know me, wish they knew me, or thought they did. For a limited time, I…    Continue reading

Unemployed? Join the Social Media Club

Groucho Marx once famously informed a group of his show business contemporaries that “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member.” That’s a sentiment a curmudgeon could love. But the simple truth is that, when you need it, a support group serves a useful purpose. Unemployed workers and…    Continue reading

Get On the Social Media Bandwagon

While social media such as blogs, wikis, RSS, social networking and tagging technologies have transformed the interactive web experience, corporations have been slow to adopt these ideas to enhance employee communications and collaboration. Most of us know social media through blogs or social networking sites such as Linked-in (I’m a member), Xing (ditto), MySpace or…    Continue reading

Finding Real Work in an Artificial World

Until now, the one thing you could never say about immersive, 3-D cyberworlds is that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Bain & Co., a global consultancy, said Wednesday that it intends to start recruiting for summer interns in Second Life, a virtual world with nearly five million residents. Some of…    Continue reading

How a Pro Uses Social Media

A few months before his company announced a merger, B. Lee Jones began building a network of contacts in case of a possible transition. In a matter of months, Jones, a 58-year-old CIO of a midsize, multinational company in Silicon Valley formerly known as Stratex Networks, amassed a whopping 500 connections on Linked-in, one of…    Continue reading